8 Flavor Mix (35G/ Random 14 Pack)

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8 Flavor Mix (35G/ Random 14 Pack)

[Name]: JUMP Whey Protein Drink - 8 Flavor Mix (Random)
[Place of Origin]: Taiwan
[Net weight per package]: 35g
[Storage period]: 2 years (As Printed On Pack)
[Specifications]: - Each serving contains about 27g protein, 75% protein content.
[Preservation method]: Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature. After open the product, please drinks it immediately.
[Precautions]: JUMP Whey Protein Drink contains with dairy products, which causes allergies and is not suitable to use.


Suitable For: Athlete - rich in BCAA, high protein can be quickly absorbed by muscles.
Weight controller - can increase satiety and reduce calorie intake.
Nutritional supplements - poor gastrointestinal absorption or unable to get enough protein from food.


How and when to use JUMP Whey Protein Drink
1. Sports day - Use JUMP Whey Protein before and after exercise.
2. Normal day - Use JUMP Whey Protein between 2 meals.
3. Meal Replacement.
4. The recommended one day with 2 pack, water for each package is 350cc~400cc with below 40 °C, which can be adjusted according to personal taste.

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