who are we

A new brand that focuses on meal replacements and various fitness supplements. "JUMP", with its energetic slogan, represents a meal replacement that is different from the past.

"JUMP" Don’t forget that in the past 60 years, we have transformed from a meal replacement factory to a brand that provides more fitness supplements. At present, JUMP Meal Replacement focuses on nutritional supplements, providing more affordable and easy-to-carry delicacies. Now people are too biased towards fine foods such as high-carbohydrate and high-fat foods for dietary nutrients, but ignore the importance of protein to the body.

Our Mission
We hope to brings you
Improve Retraining Results
Quickly Absorb Nutrients
Healthy Lifestyle
Low Calories

our story

In recent years in Malaysia, the fitness industry has been booming, health awareness has risen, and the demand for protein-related products has increased. For a long time, Malaysia's high-protein ready-to-eat products are relatively scarce, or mostly imported from abroad, not only in terms of taste and price, they are always prohibitive.

In response to this, JUMP has invested a lot of effort and has developed more than a dozen flavors of whey protein drinks, which have repeatedly caused topics in the fitness circle. In addition to the common flavors of milk tea, matcha, and chocolate, the flavors of sesame, "sesame latte", whey protein, and red bean series of "red bean milk" with Malaysian agricultural elements are also widely accepted.

In addition to this, JUMP recently launched "Thai Milk Tea" in order for you to experience the true feelings of Thailand without having to go abroad. 4,000 packs were sold in just one month. Following JUMP’s annual plan, more diversified products will be launched one after another, such as High-protein biscuits, high-protein instant noodles, high-protein spreads, ready-to-drink protein To make changes in your daily life is the biggest expectation of JUMP!

who need to use protein
Weight Trainers
Rich in BCAA high protein can be quickly absorbed by muscles
Weight Control
It can increase satiety, reduce calorie intake, and reach a heat wave deficit
Nutritional Supplements
Poor gastrointestinal absorption or unable to get enough protein from food